Eleonora Mignoli


Eleonora Mignoli is an Italian-born UK-based screenwriter, repped by Madeleine Cotter at WGM Atlantic Talent & Literary Group and a member of BAFTA.

She is interested in genre writing and how she can use it to tackle themes of identity, gender, family, and age-politics. A natural worldbuilder, she is adept at marrying original, high-concept premises with emotional, character-led stories.

As a film writer, she is working on features commissioned by Odealy films, Paguro Films and Strive Films, and more. Her drama feature Legacy has been awarded BFI Network Early Development funding, and she is collaborating with multi-awarded director Baff Akoto on a groundbreaking sci-fi project.

Her talents span the storytelling spectrum, from TV to XR, as proved by the selections on prestigious talent schemes such as Series Mania Writers Campus 2022, Future of Film Incubator 2022, and Good Trouble Labs. She is also working with Manchester-based company Belly Feel as an Interactive Story Designer.

Most recently, she won the Grand Prize at the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition with her feature script Pyre. Her screenplays have consistently scored in the top ranks of respected UK and international competitions, including Austin Film Festival, Sir Peter Ustinov, Nicholl Fellowship, Shore Scripts, etc.

Her latest written-and-directed short film, The Bargain, has been acquired by the online platform DUST, which has more than 4 million viewers worldwide. You can watch it here.