Eleonora Mignoli


Script consultancy

Not sure how to move further with your script? Want a final opinion before submitting to a competition or a producer? I can help you!

I provide coverage and development notes, tailored to your story and your unique style.

After reading your script or treatment in full, I will provide you with detailed feedback on how to strengthen your story. My report will include an analytical reflection of every aspect of your script, including characterisation,  structure, genre, story, dialogue, and marketability.

Below you can find the rates for the most requested services, but if you’re looking for something different feel free to contact me here. I always strive to give my clients the best fit for their needs.

All the services are available in English or Italian.

Short Script Coverage (up to 30 pages) – £40

Detailed feedback including logline, premise evaluation, structure, characters and dialogue, strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategies and suggestions on how to move forward with your story. The feedback is 1 to 2 pages long.

Sweet Spot Script Coverage – £95

A 3 page industry-style report, with a 1 page overview, 1 page synopsis and 1 page of comments or 1 page overview and 2 pages of comments.

Feature Script Coverage – £140

4+ pages of general notes covering the concept, story, characterisation, structure and conflict, in-depth specific notes, and a summary that covers the strengths and weaknesses of the script.

Treatment Coverage – £70
Coverage notes on the strength of your premise, the clarity of the writing, the characterisation, tone, and genre of your story.

Online consultation – £25/hour + reading fee for new material (0.5£/page)

(E.g: an hour and a half consultation for a 60 pages pilot is £67.50 pounds; an hour consultation for 10 pages short is £30 pounds; a half hour consultation for a work I’ve already given you written feedback on is £12.50, as there’s no reading fee)

If you want to have a professional brainstorming session or a couple of specific burning questions, then this is the service for you.